A little bit of info about SoloMega Beatz
“Music is one of those universal things in life and there is music for every emotional aspect. Playing the right music at the right time(s) can definitely change your emotional outlook.” – Solo1


With his love of music Solo1 has been producing music for many years in HipHop, R&B, and Dance.With the formation of the KeyPusha Music Group production team, it helped push his technique and skills to a new level. Producing music for artists across the U.S. gave insight to how different regions adapted sounds and grooves which helped him establish being a versatile producer and with music and entertainment making the transition to the digital realm over the years, it makes it easier to obtain exposure and reach a multitude of people.



The SoloMega Beatz site allows for Solo1 to open the vault to his large catalog of music and put a portion of it on display. He’s met and worked with a lot of interesting artists over the years and is looking forward to meeting more as he grows with the online community.

Special Thanks goes out to:

  • The KeyPusha Music Group
  • AON-CCAD team
  • The Power102Jamz team
  • One Raw Nation
  • Tripict.com
  • TwoBrainz.tv
  • Frederick Johnson