You can purchase beats from our beat store. Beats licensed from the Instant Store will be instantly sent to your e-mail, along with a PDF licensing agreement. If the beat and agreement do not appear in your “Inbox.”, be sure to check your “Spam” folder in your e-mail. With a lease you will get a high quality 32 bit Wav-version + high quality 320 kbps Mp3-version of the beat(s). Parcels or physical-data-discs are only sent with Exclusive purchased beat(s).

As long as you leased the track before it was exclusively purchased and you stay within the leasing terms, your lease is still valid. Selling exclusive rights does not affect previous leases and additional licenses can’t be purchased for that particular track after being exclusively purchased

Yes, all audio marks will be removed from the instrumental(s) with the purchase of any license. However, any free tracks will still have tags on them though.

I use samples in some of my beats. Most of the samples I use are royalty free samples. This means that you dont have to clear them before you use them on your album/mixtape. If you would like to know if a beat contains uncleared samples you can contact me anytime at before you buy it.

The cost to purchase Exclusive rights of that beat would be the difference from your initial purchase.

We welcome the opportunity to listen to songs recorded to instrumentals produced by SoloMega Beatz. Due to storage limits on our email account, providing us with download or streaming links would work better than sending the music files. It may also provide an opportunity to be a featured artist on this website!

In all projects where any part of a SoloMega beat is used, be sure to give credit in one of the following formats:
“Produced by SoloMega Beatz”
“Beat by SoloMega Beatz”
“Original Music by SoloMega Beatz”

The beat will be sent on a CD/DVD in a zip folder. In order to extract files from a zip folder, simply double-click on the zip folder to open it once downloaded, then drag everything inside out onto your desktop. If you can’t open the file you may need to download a free version of WinZip.

You can email us for that request. It would be best to provide as much detail as possible and a example of a similar beat you are looking to have made.

If you need further information, just contact us at solomega.beats@gmail.com